Ankara Rainbow Families Association (GALADER)

We are an association of parents, siblings, relatives and friends of LGBTI+ children and based in Ankara. We have been gathering regularly since 2010.

Many of us were shocked and frightened when we first learned that our beloved child is LGBTI+. The fear mostly stemmed from ignorance. The more we learned the easier it became. We feel stronger with people that have lived through similar, challenging experiences.

A hotline for parents and families who need to learn more about these issues is available.  Its number is +90-537-461-88-08. You can also reach us via email from info@galader.org. If you can communicate only in English, please prefer writing an email.

We have strong ties with other family organizations in Turkey like LİSTAG, closely cooperating with other LGBTI+ associations in Turkey like KaosGL and we are also an official member of ERA – Equal Rights Association for Western Balkans and Turkey.